Here it is Dahling customers!!! Our guide on how to wear your beautiful, versatile hand painted vests.
1. LONG VEST: Just slip into the two armholes like you would any other vest.  The label will be right-side up.
2. SHORT VEST: Take off and turn the vest completely upside down… The label will be upside down.
3. ASYMMETRICAL PONCHO: With the vest short take off and, slip one arm hole over your head and one arm through the other arm hole.
4. PEEK-A-BOO SHOULDER WRAP: Starting again with the vest short, drape the vest around your shoulders – the armholes should open …exposing your shoulders.
5. SIDE-KNOT VEST: Starting again with the vest short, take one of the long ends and twist it twice, then knot it , around the shoulder. You can also use a brooch for a more draped version of this look.
6. RING VEST: Starting with the vest short, choose a pretty and stretchy ring. Then take both ends of your vest and put them both through the ring. Adjust the ends of the vest to hang symmetrical.
7. LONG KNOT: Start with the long vest, take only the bottom front points of the vest and tie a knot loosely in the front once or twice to secure it.
8. BELTED VEST: Wearing the vest long, add any belt for another look, adjust the vest to your preference.
9. SCARF: While the vest is long, fold the vest in half and wrap around your neck, take the extra material and pass it through both armholes buy metronidazole .


10. FRONT TWIST: Wearing the vest the long way, take the bottom points of the vest and knot with as little material as possible, twist, and then place the twist over your head. (This look can also be worn in the short vest version)



 11. THIN SHORT VEST: Start with the vest short, take the bottom points and tie in a small knot, and place the knot behind your neck.



12. TIE IN BACK VEST: Wear the vest long, take the bottom front points of the vest and tie in a small knot behind you, draping behind you.
13. BACKWARDS TIE VEST: While the vest is long, put it on with the back on your front, the tag will be on your chest, then take bottom points and knot.
14. BACKWARDS WRAP: With the vest long, put on with the tag in front, the vest will be backwards, take the bottom points and wrap around you to the front, knot once or twice. The knot should sit slightly to one side.
15. FRONT WRAP AROUND VEST: Wear the vest the long way, then criss-cross the bottom front points behind you and knot.




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