ANUSCHKA™ bags are known throughout the world as masterpieces of wearable art. The mother & son designer duo are inspired by the wonders of nature and the exoticism of world cultures, which they combine with the latest runway fashions in Milan and Paris. Anuschka original art has been setting industry trends for decades. Think of gorgeous flowers, majestic animals, whimsical butterflies, peaceful Buddhas, mysterious mermaids, metallic abstracts and jewel-toned birds; all painted in vibrant hues. Anuschka unique accessories will add flair to any outfit and attract attention wherever you go.

Even in the throes of rapid global expansion, Anuschka has remained true to its core values and is dedicated to employing craftsmen and artisans who would otherwise grapple with unemployment and economic hardship. From the days of Anuschka’s infancy, the Basu family was determined to find the most skilled artisans to paint their designs on the handbags. They recognized the improbability of finding a professional artist who’d be willing to spend hours in a factory painting the same design over and over again. In search of talented artisans to paint handbags by hand, individually and in large quantities to meet market demand, Roma Basu saw the need to do things differently.

So, she took a leap of faith.

Roma hired unemployed and economically challenged young adults, armed with a basic sense of art and a keen eagerness to learn the trade. Roma personally taught them the intricacies of painting on leather in the family’s workshop. Over the years, by becoming a part of the Anuschka family, these skills empowered them to earn an honest living and provide for their families.

The success of the Basu group and its tremendous contribution to its active community can be exemplified by artisans who are still working with the company and growing the cycle of sustainability by recruiting others who are facing the same income challenges. A hands-on creative head, Roma is still in the workshop every day interacting with the senior artisans as well as their apprentices and coaching them to hone their skills. The Basu Group’s fair trade policies ensure that their artisans are paid higher rates than similar skilled workers in other industries. They support the artisans’ efforts with health insurance for their families and retirement benefits, enabling them to afford the basics that are taken for granted - electricity in their homes, the ability to send their kids to school and to plan for their retirement. All this goes a long way in boosting their morale, providing a support system and inspiring them to work better.

Thanks to Roma’s vision, a business challenge has evolved into a unique community engagement. The family’s passion and commitment is reflected in every accessory created in the workshop by their team.

And with each accessory that they create, they simultaneously reinvent lives.

Kaushik was 22 when he started working at the Anuschka workshop in the early 1990s. Kaushik lived in a nondescript village on the fringes of the bustling metropolis that housed Anuschka’s workshop. He made a living as a day laborer, finding odd jobs and frequently working in construction or on the tiny family farm. He made very little money despite clocking in long hours of staggering labor. His village didn’t have electricity. The entire village shared one television that they would operate on a huge battery. Every four weeks they would take the battery to a nearby town for recharging.

Yearning for a better life, Kaushik came to Kolkata. His brother-in-law told him about Anuschka, as his friend used to work there. Kaushik enjoyed drawing as a young boy but hadn’t received any formal training. When he joined the Anuschka team, he learned the basic techniques on the job. He was taught the tools of the trade. How to wield a paint brush. How to navigate the intricacies of painting on leather. How to harness his skills and create one-of-a-kind art. Within a couple of years, Kaushik had mastered the process of painting on leather. At the same time, his income had grown incrementally. He helped his family and his village draft a petition to the local government and was instrumental in bringing electricity to his village. In subsequent years, as Kaushik got married, he provided for his wife and his new home in the city while also taking care of his extended family in the village. Later, he brought his younger brother to join the Anuschka team as an apprentice. When his father suffered a stroke, he could afford adequate medical attention, no longer at the mercy of the government healthcare system.

Today, Kaushik is paying it forward. He is growing his family farming business in the village by engaging local youth, while boosting his family income through his earnings from Anuschka. He also mentors the new recruits into Anuschka’s workshop, teaching them the art that transformed his life. Beyond the monetary security, Kaushik is intellectually stimulated through his craft.

No longer on the fringes, Kaushik is now a worthy aspirant of India’s new urban middle class.


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